About SizeID company

  • Mission

    We simplify the purchase of clothing and footwear. At the time of constantly growing interest in online shopping, we are creating a way to shop on the internet comfortably and to save time and costs for both the customer and the retailer.

  • Vision

    SizeID is built as a global standard of the textile industry and a service that is to become a regular part of the purchase of clothing and footwear. A long-term vision is to contribute to the sustainability of the textile industry.

Key people in SizeID

  • Adam Bičiště


  • Andrea Sliacka


  • Žaneta Mikušová

    Marketing Executive

  • Lukáš Rykr

    Graphic Designer

  • Tomáš Rokos


  • Lenka Hanáková

    Sizing Standards Specialist

  • Simona Kijonková

    Investor & Strategic Partner

  • Jaromír Kijonka

    Investor & Strategic Partner

  • Tomáš Pešek

    Angel Investor


Adam Bičiště is coming up with the idea of the development of the service dealing with the issue of choice of clothing sizes.
The first beta version of SizeID was developed and introduced.
Adam together with Jakub Šindelář and Tomáš Pešek is founding the company SizeID s.r.o.
Release of the first public production version of sizeid.com and SizeID Advisor service for consumers.
Introducing SizeID mobile app for consumers.
Thousands of consumers use SizeID service on a monthly basis for purchase. We support nearly 300 brands of clothing. The number of active registered users is close to 10.000. The first online stores use the integrated SizeID Advisor service in a pilot mode.
Simona Kijonková joins the company and her successful company Zásilkovna.cz becomes a strategic partner of SizeID.
Introduction of "SizeID for Business" services providing online clothing retailers to integrate SizeID functionality both through code insertion into the page and the SizeID Business API. SizeID thus gets the first business clients from online shops.
The end of the year was in the light of many performances and winning the first place in Prague's Impact Hub Mash Up. The successful equity crowdfunding campaign on Fundlift portal also provides funding for further product and service development.
SizeID is integrated into e-commerce platforms Shoptet, Eshop-rychle, Prestashop and more. The service supports over 550 brands of clothing and develops rapidly with an expanding team.
SizeID for Business gets many improvements from the ability to insert a custom size chart through comfortable online payments. Developing and testing a new version of SizeID Advisor is in progress.
Hundreds of online stores are connected to SizeID for Business. There are already dozens of important online stores actively using the service not only in the Czech Republic. Thus, SizeID Advisor helps more than 1.000 consumers a day while shopping.
A brand new SizeID.com interface and a new version of SizeID Advisor is introduced.
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