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Bulk orders of clothing with SizeID

Are you processing bulk orders of work and professional clothing such as uniforms for restaurants, hotels, airlines, corporations, healthcare or jerseys for sports clubs? SizeID offers a great solution for the efficient ordering of clothes.

  • Activate the service

    The UI for the feature

    You can start SizeID for Business for bulk orders with a few clicks. Just register your business account and get immediate access to your interface.

  • Record people

    The UI for the feature

    Enter the e-mail addresses of the people you want to dress up. SizeID will smoothly ensure that all size profiles are created.

  • Choose size charts

    The UI for the feature

    Search for size charts in SizeID database or add your own to define the correct size.

  • Get sizes

    The UI for the feature

    Choose any groups of people from your records, choose a size chart and get the accurate and always available size recommendation.

Main benefits of the service

People records and bulk recommendations of sizes through SizeID bring many measurable benefits.

  • Clothing which fits

    Clothes that fits to anybody and not lying around in the warehouse. Satisfied people, elimination of complaints and returns with the need to repeat the order process.

  • Higher efficiency

    Do only what is necessary. Record people and let them create a size profile with a detailed guide. SizeID ensures everything else.

  • Saving time and money

    Hours spent organizing and talking about sizes that you can definitely use better as well as savings from stock reserves.

Who is the service for?

Clothing is a part of our daily activities. SizeID for Businesses for organizations is created for an unlimited range of segments.


Designers and manufacturers of work and professional clothing or uniforms for various companies.


Merchants of work and professional clothing, sportswear, uniforms or promotional clothing for the occasion of corporate events, etc.


Companies processing bulk orders for their employees, such as hotels or cleaning companies.

Sports organizations

Various sports clubs, unions, committees or federations that dress up their athletes or team staff.

Institutions and authorities

Organizations providing professional uniforms in common design for their employees.

Many others

Specific fashion services such as shopping or stylistic services.

Are you interested in a short demo? Do you want to know more?

Arrange a visual 5-minute demo with us and we can show you how the service works.


You pay for bulk recommendations depending on the volume you need. You only buy units of recommendation when you need them.

Unlimitednumber of people in your record
10Unit of recommendation
FREE TRIAL*to your personal account
500Unit of recommendation
990 KčExcluding WAT
2 000Unit of recommendation
2 380 KčExcluding WAT
5 000Unit of recommendation
3 690 KčExcluding WAT
10 000and more units of recommendation
Contact us

These are disposable packages of recommendation units. We always make an individual price estimation for larger volumes if you are interested in a more advantageous offer or a flat rate.

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