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A unique solution of the right size recommendation on the SizeID platform. Distribute clothes and footwear comfortably and to the full satisfaction of the customer. Easy.

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Size recommendations for your customers

The button next to the product detail "Recommend size" help your customers choose the right size of clothing. It also significantly helps you reduce returns and costs associated with them and increase the conversion of your e-shop.

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Really complex technology

SizeID Advisor is a multi-purpose size recommendation tool that works with several methods. Size recommendation is possible using simple data (height, weight and age) or based on accurate body measurements. Give your customers assurance from shopping and get useful data from purchases.

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Unique statistics for your business

SizeID Analytics offers you a number of data analysis tools that allow you to better optimize and plan. Customize your marketing communication, streamline logistics and achieve higher profits.

Benefits for your e-shop

SizeID for Business is a strong and innovative tool not only
for apparel and footwear online stores.

  • More orders

    People who have been hesitating to shop on the internet due to the difficulties of choosing a proper size will now buy from you thanks to SizeID. Moreover, the users will buy clothes for the others. As they will likely be satisfied with the purchase they will be happy to return.

  • Fewer returns

    SizeID rapidly reduces the amount of goods returned due to bad fit. It also ends the trend of ordering more sizes and returning wrong ones. All this means a significant reduction of needless costs.

  • Size charts

    In addition to the size recommendation itself, SizeID let your customers view the appropriate size chart. So you don't have to worry about time-consuming size charts placement and management.

  • Personalized marketing

    We provide unique promotion services on the SizeID platform. Just imagine you can offer products according to the available sizes in stock exactly to those who can find them useful. SizeID for Business offers such possibility as well as many others.

  • User base

    Together with service integration, you gain the possibility to address our quickly developing base of users who will be glad to use the service in your e-shop and therefore do the purchase. You can benefit from a visit rate increase compared to an extensive marketing campaign.

  • Access to API

    SizeID offers a broad range of potential ways how to use this platform for absolutely unique functions. We will make API accessible for you and you can integrate great functionalities right to your e-shop.

  • Trends and development

    SizeID is a service dynamically reacting to market development. We keep a good track of current trends and we make use of the possibilities. The service is constantly developing and extending its scope. If you join SizeID you can be sure your business will go on this wave.

  • Competitive advantage

    All the functions SizeID gives you form a strong competitive advantage. Anyone who shopped with SizeID uses the service for the next purchase. The stores supporting SizeID thus gain an extraordinary opportunity in a tough competition.

  • Simple implementation

    Service is designed to require a minimal work when integrating into your e-shop. It takes few lines of code and you can directly set up the rest of services settings through the administration interface. Full support from our side is available to you.

  • Low costs

    Have the costs of the SizeID service under the control thanks to the transparent pricing and ability to switch the plan if necessary.

  • Maximum personalization

    E-shop integration is designed to adjust the service as your e-shop requires and to allow each visitor to use the service without registration or any other obstructive process. On the contrary, we will bring SizeID users to your e-shop.

  • Service and support

    We pledge to provide top service to every our client. We are ready to promptly react to your requests and always make sure that the service brings you the maximum added value.

Where to use SizeID for Business?

SizeID for Business is a strong and innovative tool not only
for apparel and footwear online stores.

  • Stores and retailers

    SizeID allows to sell clothes and fashion efficiently and provides unique service to your customers. Thanks to SizeID you can give customers a secure purchase so you'll have more orders while reducing the cost of returns and administrative burdens especially with size charts.

  • Companies and organizations

    Are you a company that uses working or promotional clothes for employees? Are you a sports club which buys sports jerseys? SizeID offers to all those organizations a great solution not only for efficient ordering of clothes.

  • Manufacturers

    Do you have your own clothing brand and are you the manufacturer or the main distributor? Use SizeID for easy records of your size charts directly in the SizeID database. Ease your administration and get closer to your customers or retailers.

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From the online store own experience

Case study of SizeID integration in the online store

Effect on returns because of the wrong size

The chart shows the percentage of the total number of orders returned by the consumer because of the wrong size.

  • Return rate during period with SizeID
  • Return rate during period without SizeID

Tracking of product returns has shown a gradually decreasing trend in return rates after SizeID integration. The typical after-Christmas deflection was significantly reduced and a 30% reduction in return rates due to poor size selection was achieved in the long run.

Effect on the conversion

The chart shows the conversion rate and its year-to-year comparison before and after the integration of the SizeID.

  • Conversion rate during period with SizeID
  • Conversion rate during period without SizeID

A positive effect on the conversion rate has been shown in the period after the integration of SizeID. This was demonstrated by an increase of 10 % in a long-term view. This is mainly due to the acceleration of the buying process. SizeID eliminates the time a customer solves the size selection by size charts before the purchase and in which often seeks advice out of the store which increases the risk of incomplete purchase.

Economic aspects of returns

Processing just one return represents costs at many levels. Even in the case of a well-optimized process each exchange typically involves the following costs:

  • Shipping from the customer to the retailer
  • Administration connected with the return
  • Logistics in the warehouse due to the return
  • The process of an expedition (packaging, invoicing, labeling)
  • Packaging materials
  • Shipping from the retailer to the customer
~ 220CZK

In the case of, the total costs per one return were estimated about 9 EUR assuming the clothes are returned in perfect condition and are resold.

The visible reduction of returns means more than 400 EUR in monthly cost savings in the high season.

Apart from the economic aspects is a major influence on returns to the customer's satisfaction and desire to shop repeatedly.

The benefits of SizeID are wide. The main measure of our customer's satisfaction is happiness from the purchase.

We are happy to do something extra for our customers and therefore we have decided to integrate SizeID. Customers love to use the service more and more.

Reducing the returns and increasing conversions are another reasons why using the SizeID has an economic aspect as well. And although SizeID does not solve all the customer requests it greatly helps customer support in communication with them.

Collaboration with the friendly SizeID team was great from the beginning. They make a service that changes the world of fashion shopping, makes it better and easier. SizeID is an example of the little something which can make a significant contribution to the positive development of this industry.

Ing. Milan PolákOwner of

Integration and service operation

The service was fully launched within 2 weeks from the beginning of development. SizeID team has prepared an import for a pairing current 10.000 products. The integration was done without any problems and the development took 14 hours of work including extraordinary interventions in e-shop for an easier product management.

A well-prepared SDK and an excellent documentation.Radek Hulán Main developer,

The operation itself is practically maintenance-free. The e-shop provided a simple briefing for product administrators who only choose the appropriate SizeID size charts for a new product.

The service is located directly on the product detail in our administration so we only choose the appropriate size chart when adding a new product.Milan Polák Owner,

Benefits for the customer support

SizeID has a positive impact on the number of customers' inquiries as well as it helps efficiently to handle customers' questions about size selection.

o 20 % fewer inquiries
o 10 % faster processing

A large number of customers' questions to the appropriate size or the right use of the size chart occurs in the apparel store. The "Recommend Size" button, which effectively leads customers to find the right size without having to use a size chart, reduced the number of these inquiries by 20 %.

Many questions of this type can be solved by a support service operator by referring to the use of SizeID. This meant a 10% reduction in the average time required to solve the inquiry.

What they say about SizeID for Business?

See how is SizeID evaluated by our clients and partners.

Buying clothes online experiences a significant growth. On the other hand, the inability to try clothes on to make sure it fits is a certain barrier. SizeID solves this problem even before it occurs and therefore helps to reduce the number of returns and complaints to the minimum. It is a unique service with the great potential.

Simona KijonkováFounder, Zá


E-commerce platforms for which SizeID offers ready-to-use solution.

  • shopify
  • shoptet
  • PrestaShop 1.7
  • eshoprychle
  • FASTCentrik
  • Shopio
  • Flox3
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Number of active size charts1050100200Tailored
Number of visits on SizeID Advisor501 0005 00020 000Tailored
Number of SizeID Business API requests50010 00030 00050 000Tailored
Number of productsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of peopleUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SizeID Advisor MEASUREScheck markcheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
SizeID Advisor BRANDS-check markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
SizeID Advisor SMART---check markcheck mark
SizeID Analytics----check mark
Monthly fee of SizeID for Business0 €34,90 €59,90 €89,90 €Contact us
Number of active size charts10
Number of visits on SizeID Advisor50
Number of SizeID Business API requests500
Number of productsUnlimited
Number of peopleUnlimited
SizeID Advisor MEASUREScheck mark
SizeID Advisor BRANDS-
SizeID Advisor SMART-
SizeID Analytics-
Monthly fee of SizeID for Business0 €
Number of active size charts50
Number of visits on SizeID Advisor1 000
Number of SizeID Business API requests10 000
Number of productsUnlimited
Number of peopleUnlimited
SizeID Advisor MEASUREScheck mark
SizeID Advisor BRANDScheck mark
SizeID Advisor SMART-
SizeID Analytics-
Monthly fee of SizeID for Business34,90 €
Number of active size charts100
Number of visits on SizeID Advisor5 000
Number of SizeID Business API requests30 000
Number of productsUnlimited
Number of peopleUnlimited
SizeID Advisor MEASUREScheck mark
SizeID Advisor BRANDScheck mark
SizeID Advisor SMART-
SizeID Analytics-
Monthly fee of SizeID for Business59,90 €
Number of active size charts200
Number of visits on SizeID Advisor20 000
Number of SizeID Business API requests50 000
Number of productsUnlimited
Number of peopleUnlimited
SizeID Advisor MEASUREScheck mark
SizeID Advisor BRANDScheck mark
SizeID Advisor SMARTcheck mark
SizeID Analytics-
Monthly fee of SizeID for Business89,90 €
Number of active size chartsTailored
Number of visits on SizeID AdvisorTailored
Number of SizeID Business API requestsTailored
Number of productsUnlimited
Number of peopleUnlimited
SizeID Advisor MEASUREScheck mark
SizeID Advisor BRANDScheck mark
SizeID Advisor SMARTcheck mark
SizeID Analyticscheck mark
Monthly fee of SizeID for BusinessContact us

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