Let's focus on what's really important in life.

Technological growth and innovative tools shape the way we live. We develop a service that simplifies our decisions and respects values important for society. The apparel industry needs this approach. More than you think.

Reshaping the Apparel Industry.
Starting with Sizes.

Inconsistent standards, various size labeling, size charts with different measurements. That's why SizeID creates a platform connecting manufacturers, retailers, organizations and consumers so the size selection is no longer a problem.

  • Manufacturers

    Standardization of size charts. Effective sales and distribution of products.

  • Retailers

    Cost savings, fewer complaints and increased sales. Improving user experience.

  • Organizations

    Easy ordering of clothes and shoes in companies, sports clubs and other organizations.

  • Consumers

    Reliable choice of the right size. A carefree purchase for family and friends.

The end of confusing size charts.
Just a SizeID Profile from now.

You don't have to deal with different size charts and inconsistent standards of favorite brands. Just fill in the measurements and start shopping easily. SizeID will help with the right size. Whenever and wherever.

  • A precise profile based on
    your body measurements

    An ideal choice to get the most accurate recommendation. Just fill in a few basic body measurements according to simple instructions.

  • A simple size recommendation
    based on sizes you normally wear

    Great way to the quick recommendation. Just enter the size of the brands you normally wear.

The clear recommendation.

We do everything to make the service as simple as possible. For manufacturers, retailers, but also for consumers. The result is not only a recommendation of the right size but also information about how the size fits in each body parts.

Shopping for others. Our family and friends.

One of the SizeID features is a connection with others. It is possible to get recommendations for family and friends without sharing the measurements and any other data.

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