Don't worry about sizes. Just shop.

Your SizeID will help you choose the right size of clothes for you.
Enter your basic measures and shop comfortably not only for yourself but also for your family and friends!

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Are you not sure what size to buy?

Find the clothes and have the right size for yourself, your family and friends recommended for you.

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Why to start using SizeID?

You don't have to worry
about the size choice!

Use SizeID to recommend the right size for yourself and for your family and friends. Enjoy clothes shopping without worries.

Sure you want to look great!

To make the selected piece of clothes suit you, it has to fit perfectly.
Size matters and with SizeID shopping won't be a dissapointment ever again.

You will choose
correctly for others!

No worries about ill-fitting presents. Use SizeID of your family and friends and have their right size recommended, too.

How does SizeID work?

1 Set up your SizeID

Following a simple guide,
measure and save your basic measures.

Set up SizeID
2 Looking up the clothes
and recommendations

Look up the clothes
and have the right size recommended.

Look up and recommend
3 Adding family and friends

Tell the others to set uptheir SizeID too
and take advantage of the possibility
to have the right size recommended for them.

SizeID Website

  • SizeID website

    On look up the required clothes and find out
    what size fits you.

  • Mobile App

    Download the application to your Smartphone
    and use SizeID wherever you like.

  • E-shops

    Find out the right size of particular products in your favourite e-shops.

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